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Welcome to our Sign Company, where our team of experts specializes in crafting a wide range of Custom Signs, including 3D Fabricated Signage and Channel Letters Signs.  Our offerings include diverse Lightboxes, from shaped and fabric to round double sided or square designs.  Additionally, we take pride in creating Cut-out Logo and Lettering signs using premium materials like Perspex, Aluminium composite material, metal and wood.  Our services extend further to Commercial Sign Boards, Pylon Signs and Billboards.

Furthermore, we provide Large Format Digital Printing services for vinyl, PVC, fabric and wall papers, ensuring your signage stands out with vibrant and high-quality graphics.

Signage & Branding

The importance of signage and branding

Signage plays a crucial role in today’s competitive business landscape. As an essential component of any brand’s marketing strategy, signage communicates a powerful message to potential customers. It serves as a visual representation of a company’s identity and values, leaving a lasting impression on passersby. Effective signage not only attracts attention but also guides visitors and customers, enhancing their overall experience. Whether it’s a captivating storefront sign, an eye-catching billboard, or clear directional signs, well-designed and strategically placed signage can significantly impact brand recognition, customer engagement, and ultimately, business success. Embracing the importance of signage can lead to increased visibility, foot traffic, and improved credibility, making it an indispensable investment for any business aiming to thrive in the modern marketplace.

Product Range and Services

  • Fabricated Signage (3D signage) – Non illuminated & illuminated with LEDs
  • Light Boxes – Custom made Lightboxes – Perspex or PVC faces
  • Building signs, Corporate Signs, Shop Signs, Business Signs
  • Pylons & Billboards, Metal Signs
  • Directional Signage – Internal & External
  • Vinyl, Acrylic, Aluminium & Steel cut outs
  • Digital printed Vinyl, PVC, Wallpaper & Contravision
  • Sign Boards, Pole Flag Signs, Dibond/ACM signs
  • Construction Site Boards, Chromadek Sign Boards
  • Vehicle branding, Window Graphics, Large Format Printing
  • Rigging & Installation (Country Wide), Maintenance, Rope Access
  • Signage Consultants to Architects & Developers

3D signs are visually striking signs that create a three-dimensional effect, adding depth and dimension to text, logos, or images. They are typically made from materials like acrylic, metal, or foam and are used for branding, signage, and decorative purposes in both indoor and outdoor settings. 3D signs enhance visibility and aesthetics, making them a popular choice for businesses and organizations looking to make a strong visual impact.

Lightbox signs are illuminated signage structures that use internal lighting to make text, graphics, or images stand out. They typically consist of a translucent face panel that diffuses light, allowing the sign to be visible even in low-light or nighttime conditions. Lightbox signs are commonly used for storefronts, advertising displays, and outdoor signage, enhancing visibility and drawing attention to businesses and their messages. They are versatile, customizable, and effective for branding and marketing purposes.

Cut-out signs are a type of signage in which shapes, letters, or logos are precision-cut from a solid material, leaving empty spaces where the design appears. These signs are often made from materials like metal, wood, acrylic, or PVC. Cut-out signs can be used for interior and exterior applications and are popular for creating a modern and stylish aesthetic. They are commonly used in businesses, offices, and retail settings for branding and decorative purposes, adding a distinctive and eye-catching element to their environment.

Custom signs are signage solutions that are tailored to meet specific and unique requirements. These signs are designed, fabricated, and personalized to reflect a particular brand, message, or aesthetic. They come in various types, such as 3D signs, lightbox signs, cut-out signs, and more, and can be made from materials like metal, acrylic, wood, or vinyl.


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